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ExactLead App Store Optimization ExactLead App Store Optimization ExactLead App Store Optimization ExactLead App Store Optimization ExactLead App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is one of few variables you can actually control when selling something on the App Store.

  • Make your app more searchable
  • Use specific words that will help bring your app to the forefront
  • Increase likelihood that someone searching for an app will stumble onto yours

Publishing an iPhone or iPad app?

There is a lot of fine-tuning and research that goes into optimizing your app and description for best possible results in the App Store. ExactLead is here to do just that.

ASO Services

ExactLead knows that this is your app. You want to make the app as successful as possible, but you want to make sure that it remains true to what you envisioned. We want to help you get the best possible results while offering suggestions to make your app stand out when potential users search the App Store.


  • Learn what keywords app shoppers are searching for.
  • Plan which of these keywords are most important for best results.
  • Plan how keywords should fit into app name and app description.
  • This also includes searching common misspellings and other factors.


  • Work with you to find an app name you like but still makes use of important keywords.
  • Use optimal wording and character count for your app's name.
  • Use important words (including common misspellings) that increase chance of being found.

Study Results

  • Look at results and how searches have increased.
  • Work to further optimize for increased searches.
  • Fine-tune for best possible results and learn which keywords are working.


  • Analyse search data.
  • Learn if current keywords are producing best possible results.
  • Adjust based on analysis.


  • Update keywords based on the analysis.
  • Move performing keywords into more optimal locations.
  • Add desired keywords to improve results further.

Working with other factors

ASO doesn't stop at keywords and names. ExactLead knows that.

Having top apps also comes down to:
- App Pricing
- App Type (Whether your app universal or not)

These are two things people look for when deciding which app to download.

Other important factors we will help you consider are:
- Icon color
- App Name

ExactLead will help you learn how to be aware of how factors affect App Store placement:
- Number of daily downloads
- Number of reviews
- Time in App Store

Being at the Top

These factors, as well as some that are outside of any one person's control, will affect your placement on the App Store. Isn't it worth knowing that you can increase your odds of top-billing on the App Store by doing some of these right the first time?

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