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ExactLead offers a variety of services for eBook publishing. Whether you are writing a children’s book, a reference manual or your great American novel, ExactLead can help you get your work published across all the major digital platforms: Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

You can focus on writing your book, and we will do all the technical work.

ExactLead eBook Publishing ExactLead eBook Publishing ExactLead eBook Publishing

When you come to us with your book or idea

— We will help you make it a reality.

What our Services Offer

Start with a Concept

Starting from square one? Come to us with your concept or idea. We will hear you out and help you expand or narrow the concept.


ExactLead will offer consultation. We will help you with the direction of your book, pricing and distribution strategy.

Book Creation and Illustration

We will handle the technical work. ExactLead will turn your files into fully-readable eBooks. We ensure that everything reads correctly across all platforms.


ExactLead will publish your book on iBooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and ensure that they meet all publishing guidelines for their respective formats.


ExactLead will analyze your sales data and offer suggestions based off of it. This will help your book perform better in this highly-competitive market.


Once your book is published, ExactLead will be around offer continued support. If you need to make changes, updates or revisions, we will gladly revise your book.

Best of all, you retain the rights to your work.

ExactLead Gives You Competitive Pricing

Writing a book takes a lot of time and effort. We understand that it’s a huge investment on your part. We will work with you to offer the best pricing for your project.

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